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Welcome! I recently finished a PhD in maths at King's College London under the guidance of John Armstrong.

You can send me an email: tim dot mysurname at kcl dot ac dot uk


I'm interested in the geometry of stochastic processes. I also have a side interest in statistics and machine learning.


Curved Schemes for Simulating SDEs on Manifolds. With John Armstrong. Preprint.

Anomalous Recurrence of Markov Chains on Negative Curvature Manifolds. With John Armstrong. To appear in Journal of Applied Probability.


Semester 2 2019-20: 6CCM338A (Mathematical Finance II)

Semester 1 2019-20: 7CCMFM05 (Statistics in Finance)

Semester 2 2018-19: 6CCM342A (Statistical Inference)

Expository Notes

Regression lines in 2 dimensions

Academic Service

Referee for the Electronic Journal of Probability

Co-organiser of the London Workshop on Geometry and Machine Learning Workshop (LOGML) for the years 2021 and 2022.